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Shaping Beginners into Champion

Experience. Guidance. Knowledge. Support.

Whether you want to hone your existing skills or learn something completely new, we can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed. As a recognised chess academy, we have personalised lessons and services have helped people of all backgrounds and skill level achieve greater understanding and expertise.

Arpitangshi Bhattacharya

U7 Girls National Medalist

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Agnivesh Chowdhury

Draw with Grandmaster

Agnivesh played simul with a Grandmaster and the game ended in a draw.

About Us

Here For You

We understand that adopting a new skill can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why we are committed to support you every step of the way. We have extensive experience working with all types of clients in helping them reach their highest potential.
Book a free demo for your child! 

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Proven Track Record

We have a proven track of training successful players. Your child will learn from the best and have the opportunity to excel in chess. 

Adhrit Medda

U7 Boys National Medalist

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Monthly Subscriptions (online classes)

Reach Your Highest Potential 

Designed for young players aged 5-13, our curriculum, led by The World Chess Federation (FIDE) - certified National Instructors, progresses from basic chess principles to sophisticated tactical play.

Group Class

Suitable for 5-13years old. Cost-Effective. Competitive. Every Level.

  • 1hour class

  • Guided practice

  • Level basis group

  • Interactive, engaging live classes

Package of 8 classes (twice a week) : $58/- (US timings) 

4200/- INR (Indian timings)

Package of 4 classes (once a week) : $36/- (US timings) 

2400/- INR (Indian timings)

Personalised Chess Coaching

Interested to participate in the competitive level.

  • Gear up for competitive tournaments 

  • Weekend practice tournament

Option 1 : 30mins each class

Pack of 4 classes (once a week) :

 $45/- (US timings) 

2800/- INR (Indian timings)

Pack of 8 classes (twice a week) : 

$84/- (US timings)

5200 INR (Indian timings)

Pack of 16 classes (twice a week) : $145/- (US timings)

8500/- INR (Indian timings)

Option 2 : 40mins each class

Pack of 4 classes (once a week) : 

$73/- (US timings)

3600/- INR (Indian timings)

Pack of 8 classes (twice a week) : $130/- (US timings)

6200/- INR (Indian timings)

Advanced Chess Training

Suitable for players looking for special tournament (States, National) preparation.

  • Twice a week class

  • Private 1hour (each) live class

  • Parent Teacher Meet

  • Tournament counselling 

  • Opening Repertoire

  • Books for self study 

Package for 8 classes :

$155/- (US timings)

7500/- INR (Indian timings)

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2nd Branch Opening

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