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FAQ (1)

Who are the teachers?

KCA is filled with young professionals who are-

● FIDE rated 2400+ (Training Advanced FIDE Rated players)

● Asian Medalists

● National Rank holders

● State Rank holders

● Age Group Champions

● University East Zone Champions University National Champions (Women) 2022

● University National Runners Up (Men) 2022

● Professionals for the last 15years+ in the chess circle worldwide

● The World Chess Federation Certified FIDE Titled Coaches

● Trainers from: Natives of the UK, Serbia, Pennsylvania, Philippines, and India

How many classes per week?

KCA offers a range of options between, 2 classes per week, and 1 class per week (limited option).

And 2 FREE online tournaments every week on Saturday and Sunday.

Duration of classes?

All group classes are 60 min, including Theory and Practice matches.

Private classes have different packages ranging from 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and 60 minutes as per the student's choice.

Group or private?

KCA offers both groups as well as Private sessions as per the student's preference. If the child wants special attention or prefers working in a group both options are available at their prerogative. But to plug into groups the student must have a clear concept of checkmate and basic strategies.

For basics, private classes are the only option.

We have both groups and private classes for children aged 4.5 years to 15 years.

For groups, KCA needs to know the level of the chess knowledge the child has so that they can be placed in a group of students of the same level. But for private, this is not required. KCA determines the level of the child through assessments and interviews.

KCA also offers classes in 1:2 ratio. It's a combination of group classes and private classes. Discounted rates for siblings taking classes together in a 1:2 private arrangement are also offered.

Offline or online?

Classes are available in both the offline and online modes.

Offline mode is available only in groups. But offline classes are only available for people from Kolkata, India.

Online classes are available in groups as well as in private.

What is the batch strength?

Batch strength is a maximum of 6. However, it depends upon the level of the students in the group and the understanding of the Coach.

What are the time zones followed by KCA?

KCA works across all time zones, this is one of the key distinguishing factors of the academy.

If anyone is interested to compete in tournaments, how can KCA help?

If anyone is interested in competing in tournaments, KCA has all the available infrastructure and resources to prepare a child from the District Level Championships to the National Level Championships. For children who show potential and interest in competing and have the cooperation of their guardians, KCA would be eager to provide every assistance necessary to help achieve the goal.

The academy even offers special curated monthly packages for selected students for State / National / International Level tournaments.

Additionally, KCA has few sponsorship programems desgined for talents.

Age of entry?

The academy is open to all children falling in the 4 -12 years age group.

Syllabus and Course Duration?

The KCA Syllabus is designed specially by a high FIDE rated (2100+) player (Asian 5th medalist) and coach.

The academy has a structured curriculum starting from Basic to the Advanced Level.

Since CHESS is a mind sport and each child has their own pace of learning, it is not possible to predict how fast they can grasp the basics.

Thus a general duration cannot be determined. As each child should not be put under pressure to take on more than they can grasp and be allowed to learn at their own pace.

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