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FAQ (2)

Updated: Feb 22

Can we reschedule missed classes?

  • Group classes, if missed can't be rescheduled because they are more than one or two people involved. Hence, we do not charge for the missed class. However, the lessons imparted in the classes would be shared with the child in their subsequent classes.

  • In the case of private classes, classes would not be missed as the classes are only for a specific child.

  • Private classes can be rescheduled. However, KCA doesn't charge for online group classes which have been missed by the child.

  • Private online classes are also not charged if informed 12 hours before their classes.

How are fees taken?

Fees are taken in all modes, cash and online through, net banking, UPI and PayPal.

How do you know who is at which level?

The academy determines the level of the children through a series of interviews and assignments during private sessions. There are three levels Beginners, Intermediary and Advanced. The basic level takes 16 sessions to clear the basic understanding of the game. But the Intermediary and Advanced levels are crucial for players aiming to compete and play professionally.

Do they need to arrange for anything in class, online or offline?

Students are not obliged to carry a board with them but KCA would recommend a board for practice at home because practice makes perfect.

How long does it take a Beginner to learn and compete in tournaments?

It usually depends on the student, but on average, in 16/20 classes the child can learn how to play in tournaments. Though to improve the quality of the play they would require many more classes.

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