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FAQ (3)

Do you organize tournaments?

Yes, every weekend.

Will you provide us with information on tournaments in our place, both in India and abroad?

KCA themselves regularly organizes monthly practice tournaments for the Academy students where all our students can participate. The global reach of the Academy provides good exposure for the students.

Online weekly tournaments from Saturday to Sunday are also conducted. Along with an offline Intra Academy tournament once in 4 months in Kolkata.

Relevant information regarding tournaments would be shared with interested students depending on their place of residence.

KCA also organises two tournaments every year where even Grandmasters and International masters participate. All of these are held online and are free for all registered academy students.

Medium of Instruction?

The online classes are conducted in English mode. Whereas for the offline mode Bengali, Hindi and English three can be used.

How to register for KCA

Online registration:

It is very easy to sign up with KCA.

● Students can directly log into the KCA Website -

● Call or chat with the administrative team through the ‘lets chat option on the website.

● KCA accepts INR directly into the Academy account.

● The fees quoted do not include any PayPal/Xoom/Remitly or any other mediator charges or any other conversion charges.

● If paying in foreign currency, a need to pay an additional a mere 12% is charged on the quoted price towards the bank, mediator and foreign exchange conversion deductions.

● After the payment, the guardian/ parent of the student is required to submit a form declaring an acceptance of the rules of the Academy by email/WhatsApp.

● After receiving the payment and the form, the child is all set to become a part of the Knight Chess Academy family.

Offline registration:

● In the case of offline registrations and classes, the students need to follow a similar process only difference being the form will be a hard copy and requires 2 passport size photos and 1 photocopy of the birth certificate of the student.

● Payment is required to be given in full and in advance, along with monthly and admission fees.

How to reach KCA?

KCA can be reached through the different social media handles on Instagram, Facebook and the Official KCA Website in case of online classes.

In the case of offline classes for students of Kolkata, students are requested to visit the KCA center in Kasba, beside Dolna Day School, Kolkata, India.

Does KCA give Referral Codes to Existing Customers?

● Yes, KCA does provide with referral code bonus for loyal customers.

● KCA Referral Commission for 1st month: (for both chess and IQ) is 12% of the total amount received in the academy’s bank account from the client's referral for the first month.

● KCA Commission for every referral renewal ( for both chess and IQ) is 8%

● These Referral Commission or any other Commission will be paid only for new students who are enrolling from May 2022.

● Students enrolled earlier (before May 2022), but renewing now will not be eligible for any further commission.

● KCA Commission stated above would be paid in INR directly to the person who brings the reference’s bank. Or, else it can also be adjusted with the tuition fees as per the client's wishes.

● KCA would not bear any additional charges towards any conversion fees or any other kind of mediator charges from their end.

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