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Teacher’s Testimonial

Neeta Khilnani (IQ head)

An IQ Boosting, Critical thinking coach she specializes in helping children of 5-12 years increase their logical thinking skills. She has authored a book called “Activity Book for Brain Development” and is known for her practical and applicative teaching techniques on Amazon.

She states

‘I am associated with The Knight Chess Academy as the IQ and Reasoning coach for their kids. Arpita and her team are thorough professionals and follow a high work ethic. They have on board professionally top-ranked chess players as trainers. Highly recommended for quality chess coaching.’

Gemma Burke (United Kingdom Maths; & helps in preparing for 11+ Examination)

With her years of experience with children states while asked about her experience with KCA -

“I have worked alongside The Knight Chess Academy for the last 9 months. They are very professional and provide excellent services for all their clients with lessons available to students all over the world. The people who run the Academy are lovely as well and it shows they care about everyone involved with them.”

Bidisha Roy (Chess Coach )

Shared her experience of teaching as a Chess Coach with KCA by stating that the team is “Very professional and at the same time very friendly” and “I find everything perfect. It's an honour for me to represent KCA. Never imagined I would be given such an opportunity”

Samrit Mandal (Chess Coach)

Calls KCA the number 1 Chess Academy for children 4-12 years. He states, “This is a great place for learning and developing young talents. Working with the KCA team is easy and fun, and interacting with the students is enjoyable. I recommend The Knight Chess Academy for all.”

Sagnika Bhattacharya (Chess Coach)

Sagnika states that she has had an “excellent experience being a teacher” at KCA.

She emphasises how she “knew the KCA members earlier and now has become closer with them” a camaraderie that uplifts the services provided by KCA that ensures a positive environment for both the students and the staff.

Applauding the professionalism of the academy she gives a “10 for professionalism, as they are so particular and professional about everything”.

KCA is blessed with wonderful teachers who are the backbone of the Academy.

The review of the teachers' experience is directly related to the students' well-being because work satisfaction would lead to better service on the part of the coaches. The teachers working with KCA are an integrated part of the family and have reported extremely positive work experiences with the Academy. Their coordination and determination are one of the many reasons for the success of the Academy and the improvements of the students. KCA shows how good professional relations are necessary for providing quality service. And in achieving this has made it possible for both students and teachers to offer their best as they work together and aim toward the goal of excellence.

On average, in the many google reviews, the teachers have given their work experience with KCA a fabulous rating of 9.5 out of 10.

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