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The Knight Chess Academy: Where Dreams Take Flight

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, The Knight Chess Academy was born in 2019 with a simple yet powerful vision - to teach chess to youngsters and ignite their intelligence.

Offline Classes (2019)

The trio behind this endeavor, Sonkalan Bharati, Asmita Das, and Arpita Das, shared a common dream of transforming beginners into champions.

Our association with GST Residential Quarters - Kasba

Interactive, group classes

When the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 struck, the academy didn't falter; it adapted. Swiftly transitioning to online classes, the academy redesigned its structure to continue imparting the magic of chess to eager learners.

Online Class (initial setup)

Despite the hurdles, The Knight Chess Academy not only persevered but emerged as a leading chess institution in Bengal, having both online and offline classes for chess.

Arpita, the heart of the academy, coordinates with parents and teachers, diligently managing schedules and ensuring a smooth routine for all. Asmita, a youthful 23, and Sonkalan, at 24, share a unique bond and possess a magical ability to ignite a spark in kids. Their love for children and their passion for chess make learning at the academy a joyous experience.

From left Mr. Sonkalan Bharati, Mrs. Arpita Das, Miss Asmita Das

This dynamic duo is not just passionate about teaching chess; they are devoted to discovering new talents and pushing every child to excel. At The Knight Chess Academy, they firmly believe that every child, with hard work, has the potential to be a champion.

Both Sonkalan and Asmita are not just administrators; they are chess players themselves. This shared background allows them to understand the mindset of both players and students. Their dual role as players and educators creates a unique environment where the intricacies of the game are not just taught but also understood at a deeper level. As players themselves, Sonkalan and Asmita understand the importance of dreaming big. They not only teach chess; they inspire students and parents to dream big.

The Knight Chess Academy isn't just a place to learn chess; it's a community that nurtures young minds, instills a love for the game, and believes in the boundless potential of every child. Join us on this journey where chess is not just a game but a pathway to unlocking the champion within.

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kaustav medda
kaustav medda
Jan 28

The success story of Knight Chess Academy is a testament to dedicated teaching, strategic planning, and fostering a love for chess. With passionate instructors, personalized coaching, and a supportive community, the academy has empowered aspiring chess players to excel in competitions and enjoy the intellectual challenges of the game. The combination of skill development, a nurturing environment, and a commitment to continuous improvement has positioned Knight Chess Academy as a beacon of success in the world of chess education.

Knight Chess Academy comes highly recommended for its exceptional coaching and effective teaching methods, If you're seeking quality chess education, it's a highly recommended choice.


Anindya Rakshit
Anindya Rakshit
Jan 28

Knight Chess Academy under Sankalan Bharati and Asmita Das is imparting quality Chess training for a long time and is highly recommended for any interested Chess players to start their Chess career here.

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