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What is KCA?

The Knight Chess Academy - A Brief Introduction

Established in 2019, based out of Kolkata India The Knight Chess Academy is the full package for the intellectual development of all children from ages 4 to 12 years. The Academy offers innovative ways to develop a child's IQ.

The academy offers Chess, Logical Reasoning and IQ boosting sessions to encourage critical thinking and helps increase concentration level for the overall development of the child.

The academy offers free trial sessions for students as well as, One on One sessions and Group Sessions curated to suit the needs of the student. Knight Chess Academy works across all time zones and has a huge student base in the USA as well as in India. In Kolkata, it also offers offline Sessions for interested students.

KCA Courses

  • Into the mind of a child genius- IQ boosting, Critical Analysis and Logical Reasoning Programs.

  • Online Chess Classes-Beginners Batch

  • Offline Chess Classes- Beginner Batch

  • Along with seasonal courses like a 24 sessions package called ‘Tournament Ready’.

  • The Academy also organizes virtual parties like the Christmas Party and the Halloween-themed Spooky party to increase and engage the enthusiasm of the students.

How to register with KCA?

Online registration:

It is very easy to sign up with KCA.

  • Students can directly log into the KCA Website -

  • Call or chat with the administrative team through the ‘lets chat’ option on the website.

  • KCA accepts INR directly into the academy account.

  • The fees quoted do not include any PayPal / Xoom / Remitly or any other mediator charges or any other conversion charges.

  • If paying in foreign currency, there is a need to pay an additional 12% on the quoted price towards the bank, mediator and foreign exchange conversion deductions.

  • After the payment, the guardian / parent of the student is required to submit a form declaring an acceptance of the rules of the Academy by email/WhatsApp.

  • After receiving the payment and the form, the child is all set to become a part of The Knight Chess Academy family.

Offline registration:

  • In the case of offline registrations and classes, the students need to follow a similar process only difference is the form will be a hard copy and requires 2 stamp size photos and 1 photocopy of the birth certificate of the student.

  • Payment is required to be given in full and in advance, along with monthly and admission fees.

  • Payment is accepted in all modes, cash, net banking and all kinds of UPI.

How to reach KCA?

KCA can be reached through the different social media handles on Instagram, Facebook and the official KCA Website in case of online classes.

In the case of offline classes for students of Kolkata, students are requested to visit the KCA center in Kasba, beside Dolna Day School, Kolkata, India.

The Knight Chess Academy aims at providing an intelligent, holistic and fun solution for the overall development of a young mind.


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