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Our experience at Knight Chess Academy has been great. Our son has picked up chess skills at a faster pace since he has started classes with Coach Asmita. One thing different that they do is that they start with the basics, make sure that the child understands basis completely before moving to the next level. This has helped our son to get more confident and has helped him understand the game well.

Anupriya Gupta

My daughter loves her chess classes with coach Sonkalan Bharati. He has extraordinary interpersonal skills and deals with the kids perfectly in the process of teaching them tactic's of the game. Will definetly recommend the knight chess academy to the people who are looking for some professional training in the game. The academy has displayed professionalism in all aspects and in the same time they are very flexible to meet the needs of their students.

Sindhura Modupalli

Would highly recommend this academy for our kids as the trainers are friendly and can relate with the kids.

Gayatri Sharma

My teacher is Mr Sonkalan Bharati. He is a really nice person and I do not get bored in the class as he not only teaches me but he also fills me with excitement while telling his own chess stories and I look forward on taking classes with him in the near future also.. And I also rate knight chess academy a 10/10. Thank you, Shriyanshoo Ghosal.

Shriyanshoo Ghoshal

The trainers here are friendly. Besides teaching, the academy also organises tournaments and workshops for the children.

Simple Bhandia

My son has been taking chess classes for over 6 months now. He loves his instructor Asmita. We take online classes from US PST time zone which has never been an issue given the time zone differences. They hold chess tournaments for practice at a regular cadence, which is great. All in all a great experience. Would highly recommend the academy.

Sonam Sawhney

Like best! The teachers are very good at teaching, my kid is a interested to join in online classes. Would recommend? Yes. Anything to add? Ans: No, Because all the people are training in a interesting way. 😇

Nethra Nithyanandan 

I have grown strongly in logic and i'm able to analyze a chess board and attack more strategically now, I can win matches :D

Ronit Pol

Played in chess tournament organized by this club. Everything is fine, I am satisfied.

Knight chess academy admin and the tutor Asmita are really doing a great job. Asmita the chess tutor is really gentle towards the kids . My son really likes her class and doesn’t miss a single class. Asmita makes sure that kids understand the concepts and then she moves to next level. I am happy that I took the decision to enroll my kid in knight chess academy because I see that he is learning the moves in chess and he gained the interest in playing chess

Joshna Gundally

I had chosen The Knight Chess Academy for my daughter.  The trainer has been training her online since the lockdown happened. I'm happy that my daughter has spent her free time productively in this lockdown. 

Frankie Bolder

Asmita is a great teacher who is very patient on teaching the chess lessons. My daughter did not have any knowledge about chess before Asmita classes and did not have interest learning Chess. Now my daughter wants to be a chess pro and very much interested learning lessons from Asmita. I can see the progress of my daughter and I will recommend Asmita for anyone who wants to be pro in Chess.

Shan Veer

My son attending the chess class with knight chess academy. I wonder faculties the trainer and coordinator works awesome job and quick responses. My son is in beginner hope the trainer guide him forward through advance level. I definitely refer this academy.

Rekha Sathish

I loved the class my name is omaira the knight chess class academy


My two boys have been learning chess with Asmita past 2 months. They love it and seem to have learnt a lot from private and group sessions. Asmita is very patient, very organized and the syllabus is well laid out appropriately, based on their age. They enjoy attending classes and they’re very flexible, sweet and easy to work with. You won’t be disappointed. I will surely recommend them to anyone who wants to learn chess. I’m very happy and glad we found them from Facebook.

Ramya Satish

Very pleased to say that my daughter is getting good guidance and support in learning Chess. Asmita mam started right from the basics and slowly builds on the understanding which is necessary for Chess. Definitely recommend it for the kids who wants to learn Chess.

richa chhabada

Our kids have lot of fun taking the classes. Asmita is a great coach, have a lot of patientce with my little ones. Both kids ask lots of question and Asmita answers all of them clearly. I appreciate the hard work to teach my kids.

I love chess so much so i'd give this 5 out of 5!


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